Thursday, May 2, 2013

Only men are spiritual leaders? What century is this?

 I got this announcement in an email this morning. I am stunned. I have removed the names of the sponsors, location, and speakers because I don't want to get personal. 
But, OMG, what does it mean when the spiritual leaders of this city are seen as only males? What century is this?

 City Father's Conference

Inline A unique opportunity will take place in DC on June 6 (Thurs), 9am-4pm.  The vision for this conference is simple...sit at the feet of our city's spiritual fathers and glean from their wisdom.  Come together in a spirit of unity and honor those who have gone before.  Clergy, ministry leaders, and staff welcome.  This conference is not about the latest or the greatest...its about learning from those who have been faithful and fruitful for the long-haul. ...